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Knowledge is Power. Our property reports provide invaluable information about property prices in your area. The property reports you will receive list your actual property (where available), and actual sales data for your street and suburb covering the last 10 years or so. These reports are easy to read and understand and best of all they're free.
Determining The Right Price
When selling your home, setting the selling price is fundamental top getting a great result. Comparable sales in your area will greatly assist you in setting the correct price for your property. These are exactly the same reports that many estate agents themselves use, when giving appraisals for their own customers.
Power Nogotiate
Access to recent comparable sales in your area puts you in a better position when negotiating with buyers. These reports therefore are not just important when determining the selling price of your home; they will also be of great help when dealing with potential buyers. Property reports are avilable for all states and territories in Australia, except for Tasmania.


It was too easy, thanks again AAA+++

WOW Amazing!! I literally saved thousands to put towards my next place by selling my own home. Within two weeks and 1 open house my place sold!! i will definitely go down this path again. Thanks again

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The process has proved very successful for me!

The srvice is very efficient and friendly.\r\nI found the \"for sale by owner\" sigh in a neighbouring block of units, a few years ago, and noticed that they sold a t good price. So, I also thought I would

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