Tips for negotiating the best selling price for your property

Selling your house privately is easy, especially with websites like No matter the method you choose to sell your house there are some simple things you can do that will improve your chances of getting a better price.

1. Create a good first impression

Spruce up your garden by sweeping and edging the footpaths, trim the trees and shrubs and clear any overhanging branches. Simple things like a series of new pot plants, or even repainting existing pot plants can do wonders for your garden.

Don’t underestimate the importance of an inviting entrance into your home. Encourage passers-by to take a second look at your stunningly presented property and hopefully arrange to view the home.

2. Trim all your lawns and shrubs

The easiest thing you can do is cut and trim your lawn. It instantly makes your home look clean and well maintained. If you think about the houses you see as you drive you will notice most of the neglected homes have overgrown lawns and bushes. Don’t put your home in that category either trim your lawn yourself or get a lawn mowing service to do it for you. It’s easy and quick.

If you want your lawn to look that bright green colour, go to your local nursery and get some potassium fertiliser. Spread it on your lawn, or any green shrub for that matter and water it well a couple of weeks before you advertise your house. It gives that extra sparkle and can make a big difference.

3. Clean the outside of your home

This won’t take long and can take years off the age of your home. Simply grab a scrubbing brush or broom and a clean bucket of soapy water. Start by scrubbing your bricks and windows. You will be surprised how much grime and dirt they accumulate over the years. You can get professional cleaning services that will do this for you, however, on an average size home, it should take less than half a day.

4. Renew your painted surfaces

Nothing will freshen up your house more than a coat of fresh paint. You should try and put a coat across your window sills, doors and any handrails that are in the front yard. If you have a timber deck grab some deck cleaner while at the hardware store and give it a good scrub.

5. Small details

If your home is looking really tired inside you can help make it look fresh and new by replacing the fittings and fixtures. You can also replace door handles, cupboard handles, and taps. All these things will make an old home look more modern.


6. Complete the small jobs you put off

There is no better time to tackle those odd jobs such as ripped fly screens, loose paving stones, cracked window panes, broken tiles or blinds. All those jobs you have been putting off can be done in a weekend and may add thousands to your home. There are a large number of general handymen you can contact in your local paper and they will come and do it for you.

7. Remove any rubbish or left over building materials

We often see old building material lying around the outside of the house. In most cases it has been there so long you simply don’t notice it anymore. Get a skip or trailer and remove all the rubbish and left over building materials.

8. Decorate and clean your bathroom

An old looking and dirty bathroom will be a turn off for most people. Replace your taps and any fixtures with new ones from your local hardware store. A good tip is to consider replacing your toilet seat and even consider buying new towels and mats. Lastly and most importantly put some plants inside your bathroom. They freshen the outlook and add a hint of colour. Flowers are also a good alternative.

9. Clean carpets and tiles

Cleanliness of a home is important as it indicates that the home was well cared for. A steam clean will only cost a few hundred dollars and help restore your floors to that almost brand new look.

10. Declutter

The hardest thing for home sellers to do is “declutter”. Garage sales are the easiest thing to do to clean the junk. If you have a lounge with two couches in it remove one (the smallest one) and place in storage. This makes the room look bigger and most people want large rooms. Kitchens are also a good place to declutter. Remove as much as you can from the benchtops. This makes the kitchen look bigger and cleaner. The general rule here should be “if it doesn’t hold the roof up, remove it”.

Decluttering is the easiest and cheapest way to add value to your home and if you sell your unwanted goods instead of storing them you get a little extra cash and it makes moving to your new home easier because you have less to move.

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