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Why use buyMyplace?

Australians have become so accustomed to selling property through real estate agents, we don’t even realise how much money can be saved by cutting out the middleman.

With buyMyplace, everyday people are given the tools and information they need to get their property in front of thousands of potential buyers – and best of all, they get to pocket the savings.

The money you save by selling through buyMyplace can be upward of $19,000!

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What sets buyMyplace apart?

Think of us as your DIY real estate agency, which provides you with all the legal requirements, quality marketing materials and step-by-step instructions to effectively promote and sell your property.

The only difference between selling through a real estate agent and selling through buyMyplace is that you get to keep the money that would normally go towards agency commissions and fees. 100% of the sale value is yours to keep.

To the buyer, the experience is exactly the same. Many buyers actually prefer this process because they deal directly with the seller instead an agent who is juggling multiple properties and ultimately just wants to get paid. This is much more personal for all parties involved.

How does buyMyplace compare to the rest of the Australian real estate market?

When it comes to buying property, most Australians begin their search online. buyMyplace specialise in online marketing, providing you with the tools you need to get your property sold.

Our numbers don’t lie. Just take a look below to compare the difference between selling your property through an expensive real estate agent, and selling it online quickly and easily through buyMyplace.

Five Fast Facts:

Australian Real Estate

86% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to search for property.
Combined, & generate over 5 million website visits every month.
99% of sellers say professional photography is synonymous with increasing enquiries and clicks to online listings.
The average agents’ commission in Australia is 2.5%
On average, an agent will charge anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 (~1% of expected selling price) for a marketing package on top of the commission charged.

Five Fast Facts:


On average, a buyMyplace vendor spends less than 14 hours selling their own property privately.
70% of properties sold on buyMyplace, are sold within the first 90 days.
On average, a buyMyplace vendor will save upwards of $19,000 selling privately.
77% of properties sold privately are sold for the same or more than their market value.
Your property stays online until it’s sold or you want it taken down.
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