Delia Lazenby – Sold April 2018

Its not rocket science!

9 out of 10!

Its not rocket science! Just takes a bit of effort to present the home in its best possible light and to have some confidence in dealing with prospective buyers. I found it useful to be well prepared with information & documentation that would support any enquiries that a prospective buyer might ask, ie a current rental appraisal in writing, title details, flood or other relevent maps, plan of survey showing boundaries, easements etc. I have previously had experience in working for a real estate agency in admin, and also as a legal secretary, both of which gave me the confidence to take on the sale.

I purchased the standard REIQ contract from the Law Society, and had the contract perused by my solicitor before date & signing, rather than have the solicitors write the whole contract. This saved me approx $220 on my conveyancing costs, which will be approx $800. I believe that the first 2 weeks are vital in promoting the property, and was fortunate to make the sale quickly. I imagine that both the vendor and prospective buyers would become jaded if the property is on the market for a significant time.