Bill, WA – Sold August 2018

Well, it couldn’t have been any easier!

What you to sell your own property?
– I tried selling through an agent for 12 months with only a few people interested. Living in a country town, I believed that the only way I was going to achieve a good price and sale was to take control.
– To advertise my home the best way possible.
– Knowing that people were given the freedom to look through my place without pressure and could ask the owner about the property.


Can you briefly explain your process for selling your home with buyMyplace?
Well, it couldn’t have been any easier, I  must admit I was a bit nervous but the support that I was given through buyMyplace was remarkable. The ongoing support from start to the sale was stress-free.


What will you do with the money you saved in commissions?
The commission I saved – around $13,000 – has gone towards an upcoming trip to South America with my daughter.