Seven Ways to Increase the Value of your House before Selling

It’s common knowledge that buyers respond well to a clean and tidy home when it comes to inspections, but sometimes a few fixes can add thousands to the value of your property. Gone are the days or Renovator’s Delights, and we are well into an era where people are looking for homes that require little in the way of fixing up, particularly expensive jobs like kitchens and bathrooms. Below are seven top tips for various budgets that could add a whole lot of value to your home sale.

1. Increase the size of your Home

You don’t need to have significant extensions to increase the size of your home. You merely need to give the impression it is more substantial. There are some simple ways to do this depending on how much you want to spend. Make sure walls are painted in light neutral colours, remove heavy curtains and replace with light filtering blinds. You should also remove all heavy, bulky furniture and any clutter to allow more floor space to be seen. Add a large mirror which can visually double the size of a room.

2. Update your Bathroom

Again this depends on how much you want to spend, but the big ticket items for buyers are the wet areas of bathroom and kitchen. You could go for a complete renovation and not see any spare change from $10,000, but you could undertake cheaper improvements by re-painting the walls and re-grouting the tiles to a crisp mold-free white, as well as adding a new vanity and light fixtures.

3. Update Your Kitchen

Like the bathroom, you could go all out and completely revamp and it is likely you would see the returns reflected in the sale price, but a cheaper option is to swap outdated fittings and appliances for new shiny ones and repaint the walls. If your cupboards are outmoded, you could repaint those or even swap the door and drawer handles for something more contemporary. Water filtration systems in the kitchen also scream luxury, so if budget allows, think about installing one if you are upgrading the tapware.

4. Fix the things you cannot see

Many a house sale falls through when the pest and building inspection shows up damage or repairs required. Get a professional inspection done and fix up any glaring issues. You can even on-sell the inspection report to potential buyers with a note of what you have repaired if you purchase with

5. Paint

One of the simplest things and cheapest things (if you DIY) is to update your home with paint. Fresh rooms look clean and bright, and light and neutral colours are most popular with buyers. A new coat of paint also smells cleaner.

6. Replace worn carpets

his can be quite costly but if you have worn and musty carpet, it is worth considering replacing it, especially if it is in the entry area of your home – first impressions count after all. If you can’t afford to re-carpet the whole house, consider doing the rooms that are most worn.

7. Water efficient low maintenance landscaping

Unless your garden is a key selling feature, consider planting low maintenance plants which require little in the way of watering. Add a friendly outdoor setting if you have room, so buyers can visualise themselves relaxing in the garden, instead of spending all their spare time watering, weeding and mowing.