Our Knowledge Centre is an excellent source of information on how to sell your own home.

There are tips on determining a realistic price, preparing your property, how to hold an open for inspection and negotiating with buyers.

You can download our free 10 steps to selling your home professionally guide. This is a great checklist and covers everything you need to know about selling it yourself.

If you have any questions call us and speak to one of our friendly consultants on 1300 289 697.

Find out how much your place is worth

  1. Free estimate – We provide a free estimate in conjunction with FindMeAHome. Click here to learn how much your home is worth.
  2. $25 Right Price Report – buyMyplace members can purchase a more, in-depth report from our partner Residex for just $25. The report, normally $75, contains full recent sales data, suburb price growth history, demographics and more. View a sample. Click here for more information.
  3. Professional valuation – For maximum peace of mind you can purchase a professional, sworn valuation. This is the way banks value properties and is the most accurate way to have your property valued. When you list on buyMyplace you get the contact details of a certified, practicing valuer in your area.
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