Why Queensland is the most popular for interstate moves

It has long been a favourite with Aussies for sunny beachside holidays, but now Queensland is also most popular for interstate moves, the ABS (2016 Census) has found, with more than 220,000 people packing up and moving north. NSW was second on popular migration lists at 191,000 people moving there, but still a long behind Queensland in popularity.

What makes the sunshine state so special apart from the obvious sunshine? After a bit of asking around, and reading the research, we think the top five reasons (in no particular order) are:

The Weather

The tourism slogan is “Beautiful one day, perfect the next” and with an average of 283 days of sunshine per year, it’s easy to see why Queensland attracts so many people keen to enjoy the great weather and all the lifestyle benefits that go with that. Even on the days it does rain (and let’s not forget North Queensland has a wet season), the temperature is still warm, which makes the rain more bearable.

Affordable Property

The median house price in Brisbane $546 000 (Domain – June 2017), compared to Sydney’s 1.17 million and Melbourne’s $865,000, meaning you definitely get more bang for your buck in Queensland.

More Relaxed Lifestyle

Perhaps it is all down to the sunshine, but those moving North always praise the outdoors lifestyle and the laid back people. Interestingly, statistics from National Heart Foundation show that Queenslanders are less prone to dying from stress-related illnesses, such as heart attack or stroke, than their southern counterparts in NSW and Victoria.

Cheaper cost of living

Anecdotal reports are that the cost of living is much lower but upon looking further we found the cost of living in Brisbane is at least 10.4% cheaper than Sydney, and 3.4% lower than Melbourne. Groceries are 12.15% more expensive in Sydney and 7.10% in Melbourne than in Brisbane. And the same sorts of statistics bear out for restaurants. One couple reported their combined car insurance costs as being $850 cheaper on the Gold Coast compared to Sydney. State taxes are also lower with NSW paying an average of $3,936 per capita compared to Queensland’s $2,691

More Family time

This point is harder to quantify, but our anecdotal research resulted in comments, like “We spend more time outside together enjoying the great weather” to the “The cost of tennis court hire is less than half of Sydney – $12 compared to the $25 we used to pay.” Another key point seems to be “the commute to work is easier and closer, meaning I am home earlier to spend time with the family.” Queensland has been actively trying to attract families with its state treasurer saying to a crowd at Sydney’s Football Stadium in June: “The one thing we know is if you come to Queensland, you’re going to get more affordable housing, lower state taxes and you’re going to get a better rugby league team.”

It doesn’t seem to be a single factor motivating people to move north, but cheaper houses and cost of living with better weather should naturally lead to a more relaxed an enjoyable way of life. After all, 220,000 people can’t be wrong.