Think like a buyer

It’s a well-worn cliche, but first impressions can make or break your sale.

What would you think if the first thing you saw at a home you wanted to buy was overflowing rubbish bins, a broken flywire screen door or a front door that creaks when it opens?

Have a look at the list below to make sure your property looks the best it can.

  1. Landscaping
  2. Rubbish removal
  3. Painting – fence, outside house
  4. Clean house – windows, carpets, blinds etc, remove odours (smoking, cooking etc), clean bathrooms, kitchen etc…
  5. Repairs – leaking taps, squeaking doors, warped doors, insect screens, discolouration of sinks, loose door knobs, broken window panes
  6. Remove excess furniture to open up your place
  7. Keep stairways and hallways clear of clutter
  8. Turn all lights on and open windows to let light in – no one likes a dark home.
  9. Smell. Make sure the place smells like roses.

Top Tips:

  • Your property can be professionally photographed if you select the buyMyplace Professional or Premium packages. Top photography may add to your home’s market appeal.
  • When you list with buyMyplace, consider our preferred suppliers to help get your place looking its best.
  • Check out the advice in the buyMyplace buyers section to understand what a buyer looks for when inspecting your property.

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