Everything you need to successfully sell your place!

Our Basic Campaign is the most cost-effective option available, which provides the basic tools required to sell your property. The best part of our base-level campaign is you can choose to add a range of extra services to suit your needs.

Basic Campaign $695

Note: Prices and inclusions are dependant on location of property for sale. Register & enter your property address here to find out what prices and inclusions apply

How does it work?

If you have opted for our Basic Campaign, you can sell your property quickly and easily by following these simple steps:

Create your account at buyMyplace.com.au and select your campaign. If you would like, you can add extras to your chosen campaign
When youre ready, create your property listing by writing an eye-catching headline and description, updating all the key features, choosing a price and uploading your photos. This can all be updated and edited later if you wish
Depending on whether you are located within Zone 1 (as determined by our provider), your ‘FOR SALE’ board will be delivered via courier for self-installation
We will send you a series of helpful information guides, focussing on different stages of the sale process – including tips and techniques to improve your reach and promote your property to the most qualified buyers
Complete and return all compliance documents (which will be emailed through when you first purchase the campaign) – these give us permission to list your property on third party affiliate websites. Learn more about compliance documentation
Once your listing is completed and appears as you want online, you will start receiving email enquiries and phone calls;
You will be responsible for replying to enquiries, as well as organising open for inspections, negotiation of the sale. How do buyers get your details?
Next, you can use our online service MyPlace Conveyancing to organise the contract of sale and related requirements for the transaction.
Once you have accepted an offer and you have gathered all relevant documents, it’s time to let us know the property is under offer. We will update your online listing.
Once settlement occurs, buyMyplace will completely remove your listing from public view and organise to have your board removed.

By following these 10 simple steps you will have now successfully sold your property – and best of all, you get to pocket all the money that would normally go towards agency commissions and fees.

Don’t waste money going through an agent, and don’t waste time trying to sell property on your own – our methods are fast and effective!

Contact us today to find out whether the Basic Package is the best fit for you. Our friendly support team will take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and point you in the right direction. Call 1300 289 697.

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