BuyMyplace will help get you sold.

Along with doing your homework, an online marketing campaign is a powerful way to help sell your home.

buyMyplace are the experts to get the results you want, with a combination of print and online marketing campaigns.

Marketing with an agent is typically an expensive exercise and out of your control.

Costs include flyers, newspaper ads, online listings and property boards. Plus the commission agents charge if they sell, usually from 2-3%.

Agents also traditionally ask you to pay up front some or all of the print media advertising costs. This is not refundable if the property doesn’t sell.

If you arrange the marketing yourself, the amount you spend is entirely in your control. You also decide the duration of the sales campaign and the marketing techniques used.

Creating a marketing campaign to sell your home is not rocket science. If you have a computer, mobile phone and access to the internet, you’re set. buyMyplace are here to help every step of the way.

Deciding the type of sale

There are two types – the auction and the private sale.

A derivative of the two is sale by tender. This is where interested purchasers of your property are asked to submit their bids privately by a certain date.

Marketing campaigns do not differ that greatly between either sales method. For a private sale, you still use the same marketing and advertising materials such as sale boards, open for inspections and online and print listings. If anything, selling privately gives you greater control.

How you choose to sell comes down to one main factor – time. How urgently do you need to sell? A private sale may take longer, while an auction may have a poor turnout and disappointing outcome. It’s largely dependent on the area and buyer audience you are targeting.

With buyMyplace it’s easy to sell you property like a pro. It’s the no-fuss cost-effective way to take control and put your property under the hammer the way you want.

Top Tips:

  • Remember that GST is always calculated on top of the 2-3% commission. I.e. it’s not just 3%, it’s 3.3% commission for a sale.
  •  Agents use marketing to promote themselves. Be aware that the majority of print marketing material is used by agents to promote themselves firstly and then your property.
    Agents will dispute this. Ask the agent to remove their branding from printed media material and ensure that 100% of the spend of your money is on your property and see what response you get. If the agent is unwilling to comply ask to split the cost of the media with you based on the amount of space allocated between your property and the agents branding.
  •  Agents love auctions. They will say it is often the best way to create competition and get the best price.
    However competition exists within a private sale context, too. The difference is, you are in control of the process, not the agent.

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