You have a big advantage over anyone else when selling your home – you know it best.

Your sales pitch can include the things you like about your home, from the perfect reading position in your garden to the most light-filled room.

You know the ins and outs of your property like no agent ever can.

Top Tips:

  • Be wary of promises. Agents make their money out of commissions. When considering the arguments an agent makes to convince you to list with them, consider the following:

    Fact #1
    – Agents are generally no more or less tech savvy than anyone else.

    Fact #2 – 90% of all property enquiries in Australia are now sourced in some way via the internet. Buyers are using the internet, not agents, to find properties. You also don’t need an agent to sell your property online.

    Fact #3 – The internet is the biggest database with the best tools and is open 24/7. With buyMyplace you can join this market easily – saving thousands in commissions and other fees.

    Fact #4 – An agent will ask you to spend a considerable amount of non-refundable money on a marketing campaign. Look closely at the material and ask how much is going directly promoting your property and how much promoting the agent’s business brand.

  • When signing a listing contract with agent, stipulate the shortest period possible – 30 days. This means that an agent will need to work hard to retain your property and earn their sales commission. You can always extend the period.

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