It’s always good to know exactly what you’re getting into.


Selling privately doesn’t change a thing when it comes to how your property listing is structured and displayed online. Remember, you have all the same advertising opportunities as an agent. In fact, with every buyMyplace campaign, you have access to list your property on,,, and five other real estate websites.


The only thing that differentiates your listing from that of an agent is how well you decide to showcase your property. Think self-taken photos versus professional photography, or a self-written property description versus one that is written by a professional copywriter. Use your resources – if you’re not an expert in these spaces, but have friends that are, ask them for a favour. Otherwise, our top two campaigns include professional assistance to ensure you’re competing with the pros.


If you’re new to real estate or just haven’t been in the game for a while, let’s review the elements of a property listing and what they look like online.

The Elements

Since is Australia’s leading real estate website, we’ve chosen to give you a visual reference from a buyMyplace property listed on their website. 

1 – Property Photos

The first thing potential buyers will see on your listing is your property photos. When creating your property listing, you’ll want to select the best property photo as your ‘hero image’ – we suggest using the facade of your home. Not only will your hero image be the largest photo on your listing, but it will also be the main property image displayed in search results.


If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it a thousand times, professional photography is key to capturing potential buyers’ attention. If you’ve ever searched for property online you’ll know that your eyes are naturally drawn to listings with sharp, clean, professional-looking photos. First impressions are important in real estate, so make it count.


2 – Property Price

The price you choose to display on your listing is your initial quote to potential buyers. Before putting your property on the market, it’s a good idea to do some research on how your local market is currently performing. This will help guide you in setting a price for your property.

Insider’s tip: Australia has state-based regulations on how you can display your property’s sale price online. But we’ll be sure to remind you of those before you officially put your property on the market.


3 – Property Description

Get your creative juices flowing. Your property’s description gives potential buyers more intimate information about the property. If they’re reading your description, they’re usually intrigued enough to decide whether or not to attend an Open for Inspection. Your property description should be the perfect balance between providing all the juicy details and leaving buyers wanting to know more. It shouldn’t be a descriptive novel, but it should be just enough to convince buyers your property is worth visiting. Be sure to include all the perks and unique features your property has to offer.


4 – Property Features

This portion of your listing is important to have because, let’s face it, we all get lazy. If buyers are in a rush, they may skim through your full property description and miss all the fabulous things your property has to offer. When creating your listing, be sure to tick all the right boxes. That way, this valuable information is visually displayed and easy for buyers to digest.


5 – Inspection Times

All your Open for Inspection dates and times will be displayed in this section. If buyers are interested they can easily save it to their calendars or get in touch with you to arrange another time if your current dates aren’t suitable. The beautiful thing about selling your property privately is that you’re working on your time, not an agent’s. If someone can’t make an inspection you posted, you have more freedom to reschedule instead of hoping your agent can fit them into their busy schedules.


Depending on the real estate website, your listing may include information that is automatically populated. For example, populates sections including Home Loans, Renovation Estimator, Suburb Profile, Nearby Schools, and Recent House Sales in your suburb. All of the above is extremely helpful information for buyers to have on hand, and will only add to your property’s appeal.


The Portals

With any buyMyplace campaign, your property will be advertised on eight different real estate websites, which we call ‘the portals’.

To give you an idea of how your property will be displayed on each of these portals, make your way through the list below.


*Note: Depending on your property’s location, advertising on comes at an additional fee. Please contact our friendly team on 1300 289 697 for a price quote or to find out more.


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