Marketing your property effectively is all about presentation. Success is in the details, as they say.


How does advertising your own property compare to selling with an agent? If you decide to sell your property using a private real estate company like buyMyplace, you’ll have access to all the same marketing opportunities as professional agents do. It’s just a matter of being informed about your options and knowing how to use them to your advantage.


Lights, Camera, Action

One thing remains true, no matter how you market your property, first impressions count.

If you want to get people through your property you need to spark their interested first. This means making sure your property is competitive in comparison to other property listings in your area.


Your iPhone camera might work for Instagram, but it’s a whole different game when it comes to selling property. We’re talking about your most valuable asset here! Hop online to and search the properties currently for sale in your area. We can guarantee most of those photos weren’t self-taken with a mobile phone.


A professional photographer will combine their expertise in using wide-angle lenses and lighting exposure to give your property extra dimension. Go the extra mile to and ensure your property is showcased at its best.

One for the Money, Two for the Show

According to, 57% of their audience do not click past the first two pages in search results. So, how do you ensure your property is seen by the right buyer, let alone seen at all?

You’d be surprised at how many people respond, “I haven’t got a clue!” when asked where their property listing is ranked in search results. Do your due diligence and always be conscious of where your property ranks compared to your local competition.

New properties come onto the market every day, which may push your listing further and further down the list. Smile! This means the competition is heating up because your suburb is in high demand – this is a good problem to have.

Allow us to introduce you to your new best friend, Upgrade Listings. and have created respective hierarchies of listing types designed to help properties stand out from the crowd in competitive markets. Beginning with a Standard Listing, the default listing type, each level upgrade gives you more exposure than the last.


Let’s take’s Upgrade Listing hierarchy for example. Feature Listings are the next level up from Standard Listings. Highlight Listings appear above both Standard and Feature Listings, plus your ad size increases. Finally, Premiere Listings are the highest-ranking of all listings with the largest ad size possible. (Pssst! This is another reason to make sure you use professional photography for your listing). Read more about the nitty-gritty details of these listing types here.


Keep in mind upgrade Listings won’t always be necessary for your property. There’s no point in spending more money if it’s not beneficial to your campaign. Keeping a close eye on where your property ranks in search results will help you gauge the level of upgrade needed if any. Do Feature Listings span across 7 pages in search results, whereby your property is on the 8th page? If so, consider a Highlight listing to boost your exposure and give your listing priority over the others.


As always, if you sell with us at buyMyplace, we’re happy to help you analyse what’s best for your campaign.


To Be Seen, or Not To Be Seen

Your ‘For Sale’ signboard is like a billboard. It’s your property’s  24/7 salesman, which means drive-by traffic is a sale waiting to happen. If potential buyers are looking at other properties in the area, they’ll take notice of your signboard, which might pique enough curiosity for them to find out more.

A photographic board is a great way to make a statement and demand buyers’ attention. When it comes time for you to host Open for Inspections, your ‘For Sale signboard also serves to give buyers confidence that they have the right location.  Due to the traditional method of inspections being conducted by an agent, most buyers are trained to look for a ‘For Sale’ sign, so they may be wary to approach the property in the absence of a sign.

Consider using an Open for Inspection sign as well to direct people to your property. These come in handy particularly for properties that are hidden in complex suburbs and for apartments and units. Help buyers find your property with ease. Don’t leave anything to chance!


The Open-Door Policy

The more buyers that visit your property in one go, the more you’ll be able to use the sense of competition among buyers to your advantage.

Try scheduling your Open for Inspections around the same time as other inspections in your area. This allows you to capitalise on the foot traffic already generated by your competition, which makes it more convenient for buyers, so they’re more likely to drop by.

Think about the average person’s schedule, which is likely to change depending on who your property is likely to attract. If your property is in a rural area, you may have more flexibility. If you’re selling an apartment best suited to a busy, full-time working couple, try scheduling inspections after 9-5 work hours or on the weekend.

Open for Inspections can be like a game of trial and error. There are no rules, and it might pay to be flexible. If buyers are super keen to view your property but they can’t make your scheduled inspections, be open to offering a private inspection at a mutually convenient time. You never know, they could be ‘the one’.


There’s Nothing Wrong with Having a Plan

If there’s one element of a listing that’s underestimated, it’s floor plans. They make your property stand out because buyers can imagine the layout before they even inspect the property. If anything, this entices them to attend the inspection so they can compare their vision to reality.

While professional photos make the first impression, floor plans help keep potential buyers intrigued and demonstrate the ‘flow’ of your home. They also serve as visual reminders of your property, which proves useful when buyers are in the consideration phase of deciding which properties they’d like to buy.


Little Moments, Big Memories

Property brochures are a great way to make your home memorable after potential buyers have inspected your home.

Your brochures can include a description, floor plans and up to three photos to showcase the key features of your property. If you’re facing a competitive market, these little souvenirs are the perfect opportunity to be remembered in the flurry of inspections buyers attend. If your property is memorable, you’ve won half the battle.


Wrapping It Up

When selling privately, you have access to all the same marketing and advertising tools as agents do.

Yes, there is a cost to each of those marketing tools, but it’s a fraction of what you’d pay if you sold your home through an agent.  Since you’re saving thousands in agent commissions, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to give your property the professional campaign it deserves.

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