If there is one positive to come from how quickly COVID-19 is changing our lives, it's the fast-tracked adoption of technology.

The main issue Australians face is to become accustomed to buying and selling property with little to no face-to-face contact. However, the real estate industry is doing well to adapt to the swift and ongoing changes that COVID-19 demands.

When it was announced that public auctions and Open for Inspections could no longer continue in their traditional format, the property market was quick to respond with innovative digital ways for buyers and sellers to connect. This response is sure to benefit the real estate industry long after the world conquers this virus.

Although it may take time for the entire industry to adapt to this new, more digital way of working, the effort we’ve seen to date is a positive indication of what’s to come.

So, how can you best adapt to successfully sell your property in this new environment?

Catching your buyers' eyes is more important than ever before

Given the mandatory social distancing rules now in place, your property’s visual online presence has never been more valuable. The photos you include on your listing are the first thing buyers see in online search results, especially your hero photo (the image you choose to display first).

Professional photography makes the world of a difference in capturing buyers’ attention. If you’re uncomfortable with having a professional photographer come into your home, there are a number of techniques you can use to upgrade your photography skills. These techniques include conducting your photoshoot during daylight, opening all windows and blinds, and turning on indoor lights. This will illuminate your home and enable you to capture all the fine details it has to offer.

Join the movement to videography

With Open for Inspections on pause, the use of videography in online property listings has skyrocketed. Video is one of the main tools real estate is using to adapt and we expect it will soon become the norm, and thus an expectation from buyers. What’s more, Realestate.com.au have recently released their new tool Digital Inspections, a simple way to take buyers and renters on a digital tour of your property via a video link. The best part? It’s free!

Maximise Your Listing's Online Exposure

If you’ve taken the time to review your listing and are confident your property is showcased at it’s best, there are more ways to ensure you’re getting in front of the right buyers. Upgrade listings are a fantastic way to remain competitive by taking prime position in online search results. The most cost-effective options are Feature Listing Upgrades and Exclusive Showcases. Product prices are set by the property portals and are variable based on a number of property-specific factors. Find out more about Upgrade Listings here or give us a call on 1800 289 694 for an accurate quote.

Give buyers as much information as possible

With all the extra time we have on our hands these days, now is a great time to review the information you’ve made available to buyers and make improvements wherever possible.  The previous strategy was to give just the right amount of information to ensure buyers were interested enough to book an inspection and find out more. Nowadays, it’s best practice to provide as much information as possible. 

Is your property description at it’s best? Don’t shy away from being descriptive of the highlights your home has to offer. Bullet points are also a great way of including additional information buyers want to know about, such as your property’s surroundings and the neighbourhood perks (e.g. parks, lakes, beaches, proximity to major airports, distance to the CBD).

Floorplans are said to be extremely useful to buyers’ decision-making process. In fact, missing floorplans are one of the top three frustrations buyers experience during their property hunt. The connection between your property photos and floorplans give buyers a more complete view of your home, allowing them to understand the practical potential of their lives in that space.

The idea is to minimise face-to-face interactions by giving buyers everything they need before deciding to book an inspection by private appointment. For vendors, this means the buyers who book private inspections are stronger leads, genuinely interested in purchasing your home.

Follow up with past offers

If your property was listed on the market before COVID-19, it may be worth re-opening discussions with buyers who have previously made offers on your home. Much has changed since the emergence of the coronavirus, so it’s possible another conversation could result in a successful sale.

If you have a buyer ready to purchase, let us know! We can provide you with a 100% online conveyancing solution to make your life easier and secure your sale. Find out more by clicking here

Wrapping it up

Without a doubt, COVID-19 is forcing the world out of its comfort zone. However, they say change is the best past to growth. We will face these uncertain times as a community and adapt to our new environment with our best foot forward.

If you have any questions about the process of selling privately or how to adapt your approach to this unprecedented market, give our Private Property Specialists a call on 1300 289 697 or book a callback here. We’re always happy to help.

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