Don’t think you’re qualified enough to sell your own property? Oh my, do we have news for you.


Naturally, real estate agents will say you’re not qualified to sell your home privately. They’ll say you’re too emotionally invested and don’t have the expertise. Well, who would blame them for protecting their full-time jobs? After all, their livelihood rests on collecting agent fees, so it’s no wonder they want you to think you’re incapable.

Okay, enough of the sob stories. Sure, there are people out there who might find themselves in situations where agents are the optimal choice. But for the rest of you, we know you have everything it takes to sell your property yourself.

Not long ago, car dealerships were in the same position as real estate agents and look where we are now! Companies like have made it the norm to sell your own car online. 

There is no doubt agents had their day in the sun. But that was when we weren’t able to list our properties online on leading property websites without an agent’s help. We relied on agents to help us get the proper marketing exposure to sell our properties and boy did we pay for it with commissions fees of up to 3% of sale prices.

Take a deep sigh of relief because those days are well and truly gone. You, the owner, can have access to all the same real estate websites and advertising exposure that agents do. How? Well, through commission-free private real estate companies like us at buyMyplace, of course.

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Let’s dive into the five reasons why you – yes, you – are the best person to sell your property.


1 – You Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Agents are responsible for several listings at once, so their time and attention are divided. We hate to say it, but the truth is your property might not be the most important one on their books. Unless, of course, yours is the most expensive property that will score them the highest commission. You, however, only have one motivation – to sell your property at the best possible price.

With the private sale method, you decide when to host your Open for Inspections, so you’re not limited to an agent’s timeframe. If you’re busy on a Saturday morning, host one in the afternoon. If you think the usual 15-minute window is too short, host your open houses for 30-minutes instead. The point is you’re in charge, so do what works best for you.


2 – No One Knows Your Property Better than You

The advantage you have over agents is no one knows your property better than you. You know the ins and outs of your property like the average monthly electricity costs, the sunniest spot in the garden, how easy it is to maintain the house, and the best cafes in town. Personal insights like these are the reason buyers love to deal directly with you, the owner.

Agents say no one knows the real estate market as they do. Nowadays, all that information is at your fingertips, it’s just a matter of online research. Have a look at the properties sold in your local area recently. Is your market highly competitive? How much are properties selling for? Websites like and are great places to start.


3 – Put Your Hard-Earned Dollars Back in Your Pocket

The commission you pay an agent once your property sells can vary between 2-3% of your sale price. At first glance, 2-3% doesn’t sound like a lot, so let’s put things into perspective.

Let’s say your property is worth $600,000. This means you’ll be paying nearly $20,000 to an agent for something you could have done by yourself. Surely, you’ll agree $20,000 is a lot of money, which we think is far better suited in your pocket than an agent’s.

Top tip: Some agents may quote a lower commission rate. But, that usually means they will charge an extra 1% on top of their commission for marketing and advertising costs. Remember, selling via private sale gives you access to the same advertising exposure as agents, just without the outrageous commissions.


4 – Cut Out the Middleman

Agents claim buyers feel uncomfortable looking at homes when the owner is present, but our vendors report quite the opposite. If you give home buyers some privacy to have a proper look, they don’t have an issue with it. In fact, prospective buyers tend to love that they’re able to ask questions about the property and receive immediate responses. Just be sure you’ve prepared for any questions they may have in advance.


5 – A Simpler Conversation

Negotiating the price of your property is just a conversation about money. It gives you and your potential buyers the opportunity to be honest about your respective needs. Our vendors say this part of the process is far less combative when selling privately compared to selling with an agent. Since both parties meet during Open for Inspections, a rapport is established between them, making it a friendly experience.

That said, we understand talking money is uncomfortable for some private sellers. So, the option is always there to enlist the help of a professional negotiator when it’s crunch time.

At the end of the day, selling a house privately is about believing in yourself. With the power of technology and the in-depth knowledge you have of your property, we think you’ll hit it out of the park! Besides, if you get stuck along the way, we’re always here to lend a helping hand.

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