Warmer September temperatures, trees slowly springing back to life with fresh buds and foliage, sunshine bathing your home and basking it in warm welcoming light all signal the start of the year’s busiest real estate period – Spring selling season!

If you’re planning to list your property there’s many things you need to do in advance to wash away the winter blues and entice buyers:


If you have a garden, make it look like maintenance is a breeze, by washing down pavers, weeding, mowing and revitalising your lawn. If budget allows you to update and renovate the garden here’s a quick list of current garden trends:

  • Gardens are focusing less on hard edges and ordered plantings, and more on varied and softer plantings with various shades of green and a mix of natives, tropical and traditional plants.


  • Custom built furniture, such as along walls or in nooks. If bespoke garden fittings are not an option, showcasing a great Summer lifestyle through nice outdoor furniture is attractive to buyers.


  • Speciality lighting is also great to extend the use of the space, and highlight the features of your garden.


  • Water features are out. Forget the fountains.



A few years ago, all we wanted was to bring the inside outdoors, but now the trend has reversed and we all want to bring the outside in. Gone too is the minimalism, and the trends are more towards earthy warmth and comfortable spaces. Here are some of 2017’s interior design do’s and don’ts.

  • You can’t go wrong with the inclusion of some on-trend indoor plants in ceramic pots, hanging planters, wooden planters or even geometric terrariums. Fashionable plants include those with large waxy leaves like Monsteria and Ficus (Fiddle Leaf Fig) or trailing plants in macrame planters like String of Pearls or Devil’s Ivy. Succulents are also lovely to add low maintenance greenery.


  • Terracottas and warm earthy and leather tones for floors, walls or furniture. By that we mean actual terracotta tiles rather than painting the house in terracotta paint. Cork walls are also on-trend for the warm and comfortable feel.


  • Romantic and wistful bedrooms in soft greys and neutrals – gone are the big colonial style wooden beds, or the black PU leather bedheads, replaced instead by neutral linen upholstered bedheads and soft warm neutral toned walls.


  • Multifunctional spaces – Open plan homes are becoming less popular which is probably not helpful for the vast majority of sellers, but you can create break-out spaces and chill zones around the house to demonstrate its versatility. Buyers are embracing reading corners, deep sofas, beanbags, daybeds and floor cushions.


  • The big No nos – Mass produced copper accessories and poignant quotes printed on a world map are out. They scream of mass production, when all the trends are moving towards handcrafted and earthy.


  • Wall colours are similarly muted this season if you are planning to repaint.


Many of these fixes are very cost effective and easy to do yourself, but if budget is an issue, speak to buyMyplace about interest free credit

And of course – if you are looking to sell your property make sure you speak to one of our Property Specialists to fully inform yourself on the increasingly popular option of selling your property yourself – saving thousands of dollars AND getting the price you want.

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Happy Selling!