Hold inspections

Who is best suited to showing prospective buyers the features of your property? The agent who has been in your house for all of 15 minutes, or you, the owner? The answer, of course, is you. For a full guide on how to conduct safe and effective open for inspections please view our guide here.


We understand that many people might be uncomfortable with negotiations. We have qualified sellers’ advocates available all over Australia to help negotiate the sale of your property if needed, for a small fee.

For those confident with negotiations we have a special “negotiations strategy guide” available for download at the end of the listing process. The guide has handy hints to give you the upper hand when negotiating the sale price.

Deposits and settlement

This part of the sale process is exactly the same as if you used an agent. The buyer pays a deposit into the seller’s lawyer’s trust account until settlement is ready. For more information please visit our Knowledge Centre page on Settlement.

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