Q: Who is buyMyplace?

BuyMyplace is an ASX listed company (BMP) located in Australia. We serve every state and location in Australia.

Q: Why is it so cheap to sell your own property?

This is the real cost of selling a house. An agent charges more than they should, that simple. The real question here is why is your agent charging so much?

Q: Is it legal to sell your own property?

Yes. Very legal and very sensible. We find it strange that any one would think selling your own property, which you own, is not legal.

Q: How long does it take to sell a property?

It varies by suburb, state and price. We find most properties sell quickly, within 45 days. We have quite a few properties that sell within 1 to 2 days. Check out our testimonials.

Q: Are you really Australia’s no.1 private sale website?

Yes. We are Australia’s no.1 private sale website. We are also the only company to have had the media coverage that we have received. We have been featured on Today Tonight, A Current Affair and 3AW. Check us out by looking at our video section on the homepage .

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