The goal of selling property should be coming out the other side with a smile and being happy with the result.  The key is setting realistic goals and expectations, and most of all, setting a realistic property value.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from sellers and buyers alike is under/over quoting.

Take control and initiative to determine the fair market value of your property. This way, everyone wins!


Here’s one way to price your property for sale:

Step 1

AMP Price Finder is a leading national supplier of property price information. As a buyMyplace vendor, we will generate a price estimate report for your listed property and email this through as a PDF upon your request.

Step 2

Find properties for sale in your area. Speak to whoever is managing the sale, the agent or owner, and learn what price they are quoting.

Attend open for inspections and see what the mood of potential purchasers are. Listen to what is said about the price and how the property is being talked about.

Step 3

Cross check your online research with your in-the-field research of the current real estate market. If you wish, you can invite two local agents and one non-local agent to appraise your property on a no-obligation basis. Compare what the agents say.

Top Tips:

  • Purchase a detailed market appraisal report for your property. This will give you a precise estimate of the value of your property.
  • Be wary of the agents’ hard sell. Do not feel under pressure to disclose information or sign anything when an agent values your home. It is routinely a free service.

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