What our customers say

I saved around $10,000
I saved around $10,000 using Buy My Place and will definitely be using Buy My Place to sell my next property. The settlement process was very straight forward with plenty of information on the internet on how to sell your self. (November, 2015)
- Digby Veling
Stay in control!
The process was very protracted due to the poor state of the market. The first three months were with an agent and we were constantly at his beck and call for inspections(4) at a drop of a hat although we were promised there would be no rush inspections. There was continual pressure from him to drop the price almost from day one even though he set the price as being absolutely right for the market. No offers were received.rnrnWe persevered til the contract expired and went with BMP.rnrnThe market was still poor but we felt that we were somewhat in control of the process and felt relaxed about organising inspections, dealing with potential buyers and finally negotiating an outcome.rnrnI feel having gone through a fairly protracted time selling in a dead market, an agent may have obtained a quicker result but at a price on our sanity and feeling of worth that would be too high and maybe not at a better price. The value of being in control cannot be over stressed. (November, 2015)rn
- Tony Drohan
Well done to BMP for helping dispel the myth in Australia...
We used this system once before in the UK and found it simple, effective and it saved us a large agents fee! We had no hesitation in doing the same in Australia with our first house sale. BuyMyPlace is an excellent company to use for this process and we highly recommend them. All our neighbours have said they intend to use this method when the time comes for them to sell. Most prospective buyers liked being shown our home by us rather than dealing with an agent who could never be as informative as the owner. Well done to BMP for helping to dispel the myth in Australia that we must have an agent and pay them exorbitant fees!rnMany ThanksrnDoug & Julie (November, 2015)rn
- Doug Cowan
I am glad I didn't have to hand my hard earned money over to an agent...
The service offered is good value. I'm glad I didn't have to hand my hard earned money over to an agent who does practically nothing. The buyer I ended up with didn't even inspect the property. (November, 2015)
- Wayne Watson
buyMyplace was terrific!
buyMyplace was terrific. easy enough to use. penetrates the market due to good sign and websites. support was timely accurate and on the money. next will do the same. (November, 2015)rn rn
- David Tennahill
It's a no brainer!
3rd property sold privately through an internet site.If you do your homework it is a no brainer.Thanks BMP. (November, 2015)
- Darryl Herman
Proof is in the pudding...
We will never sell through a real estate agent ever again. (October, 2015)
- Murray Hubbard
I would like to thank all the support team...
I would like to thank all the support team for their assistance in selling the property,rnthey were always very helpful and answered any questions I had.rnI will definitely use them again. (September, 2015)rn
- Roy Sharples
We had lots of inquiries...
BuyMyPlace proved to be excellent value for money with good customer service. We had lots of inquiries from potential purchasers and would highly recommend this method of selling to others. (September, 2015)
- Stephen McCarthy
Only spent around 4 hours selling my own property...
In a healthy market i would not hesitate to sell my property through buymyplace. I saved about ten thousand dollars. (September, 2015)
- Glen Kelly
Great opportunity!
Advertising through "Buy My Place" was a great opportunity to advertise to sell my home privately. Thank you BMP! (October, 2015)rn rn
- Tom Strang
Everything was so professional...
We were very pleased with everything that BMP did for us, with all the support advertising and signage that they provided. Everything was so professional and it made our job of negotiating and obtaining a price that we happy with so much easier. We wish to thank everyone that helped and guided us through this stressful process and have recommended and will continue to recommend BMP to anyone wanting to sell there property. (October,2015)
- Colleen & Alan McDonald
One of the best financial decisions I have made...
Selling my first home privately was one of the best financial decisions I have made. Although some properties may be more challenging to market than others, I would recommend buyMyplace to anyone who has property in areas where real estate is in high demand.rnMy advise would be to make sure you research any relevant state legislation involved with property sales before you endeavor to create a listing. All information is easily available from the department of fair trading and buyMyplace support. Your solicitor should be able to advise you of anything that needs clarification when they are appointed to produce a contract of sale. Make sure you have good photos and have them professionally edited.rn Thanks to buyMyplace I was able to sell my home at asking price, in under 60 days and well above its valuation. Considering this process was undertaken without commission and I was able to have more control in the negotiation process, I estimate that I would have saved between $15000 and $20000. Many thanks, Hamish. (October, 2015)
- Hamish Cobbett
A simple and successful process...
This has proved to be a simple and successful process. I think that if your house is well presented and priced appropriately there should be no problem selling it yourself through BuyMyPlace. (October 2015)
- Gail McNaulty
I would recommend BUYMYPLACE
I would recommend BUYMYPLACE, we had plenty of lookers and the staff were always helpful. (October, 2015)
- Steve Gale
Second time selling through buyMyplace and once again....fantastic!
This is our 2nd time selling through BMP and again we had such a fantastic experience dealing with BMP. BMP make it such an easy process. I wish others could understand how easy it is to sell themselves with the help from BMP. We had an amazing result. We sold via Auction and achieved $150k over our reserve price. We had a couple of local real estate agents turn up and also congratulated us on a great result. We are so pleased and greatful. So Thankyou for all your help BMP - you guys are just great. We saved approx $30k on commission - wow! (October, 2015)
- Teena Hubbard
Very supportive throughout and the site is easy to use and access!
I was selling the house for friends who had been travelling and found the proccess easy and enjoyable. The Buymyplace team were very supportive throughout and the internet site is easy to use and access. The cost was minimal and well worth it. Thank you and I hope to work with Buymyplace again. I recommend it highly to anyone wishing to buy or sell. (October, 2015)
- Kerry Arundel
Easy and efficient...
Using BMP was an easy process and very efficient.rnWe would recommend to all future vendors who want to sell their property themselves. (October, 2015)
- Anne Smith
Save yourself some real money...
I have found BuyMy Place great to deal with.Any problems and a short phone call and all fixed. If you live close to the property and do mind showing potential buyers through then save yourself some real money. rnRegards Steve and Gale. (September, 2015)rn
- Gale Starr
Thank you very much!!!!!!
We can’t believe how quick our home sold once we put it up on buyMyplace. No sooner did the advertisements go up then we started getting phone calls and emails. rnThank you very much!!!!!! (October, 2015)rn
- Wayne & Sandra Heintze
Thank you for making the process so simple.
Thank you for making the process so simple. This is the first house we have ever owned and hence the first we have sold. Being a rural property we expected a lengthy process and the support we received from you was very valuable. (October, 2015)
- Jodie Harris
The process was extremely easy...
The process was extremely easy and we would definitely use the service again. The communication is excellent and they provide all the assistance that you require. (October, 2015)
- Jodie Moss
Very much worth trying...
BMP is very much worth a try before going to an agent. I had more enquiries than when I had the land on the market with an agent for 2 years. (October 2015)
- Michael Hoppo
BMPS process for enabling a seller to get their property sold is so easy...
Very pleased with the outcome using Buy My Place to sell my property. No high pressure from Estate Agents and the savings from not having to pay them commission is great. BMP’s process for enabling a seller to get their property on to the market via their easy to follow method was excellent. I will certainly use them again and encourage others in the market to consider using Buy My Place. (September, 2015)
- Lynne Halls
Very professional team...
Easy to navigate, very professional team. Will recommend to those wanting to avoid real estate agent fees. (September, 2015)
- Meltine Purwo
The transaction was effortless...
The whole experience was positive, the transaction was effortless and we had a great number of buyers contacting us from the get go. Will definitely use Buy My Place again. (September, 2015)
- Milenko Sikimic
Very cost effective...
Buymyplace provided a cost effective way to reach buyers using multiple websites and providing a sign board. (September, 2015)
- Helen Tollison
Saved an estimated $7000 in agents commissions
Thank you to for offering such a great service to those who wish to sell privately. In doing so I have saved myself and estimated $7000.00 in agents commissions. Your help and advice over the phone was always first rate and any changes I made to my listing were always done in a prompt and timely manner. If and when I sell again, I will most definitely be using your services again. (August, 2015)
- Jeremy Tonkin
Thanks BMP
Once again I enjoyed the process and had a great result. Thanks BMP! (August, 2015)
- Barry Rockliffe
Fantastic!!! - Sold within days!
Sold our property on Buy My Place within days… did our own signage and marketing and it all worked extremely well, BMP offer a great platform to give homeowners access to the best real estate websites – fantastic..! very happy and wouldn’t hesitate doing it all again with BMP, highly recommend..! (August, 2015)
- Paul Laverty
Selling with has been a great experience...
Selling with has been a great experience, the process was simple, the website was easy to use and the staff were prompt in responding and to our queries. Thank you buymyplace! :) (August, 2015)
- Luke Wheel
Saving thousands has helped with our next deposit...
We needed to save as much money for our next home’s deposit so thought that taking out a real estate agent’s fee of thousands of dollars would be a big help! We had nothing but positive feedback from everyone interested in our home and no one could have sold our home better than us! We can’t recommend selling your own home with enough. (August, 2015)
- Joel Boorman
We made a significant saving compared to using an agent...
BMP was very easy to use and extremely cost effective.rn rnWe made a significant saving compared to using an agent and it took very little of our time in order to sell our property. rn rnI would highly recommend using BMP to anyone looking to sell a property. (August, 2015)rn
- Jacob Jamieson
All a very straight forward process...
Buy My Place provided a very good service. All very straight forward process. An invaluable service that saved me many thousands! Many thanks. (August, 2015)
- Frances Pergoliti
Selling was made easy...
I have found selling my property through Buy My Place to be a positive experience which saved me a great deal of money in agent fees. I received all the information and resources to ensure listing and selling was made easy. Thank you. (August, 2015)
- Jacaline Kelly saved us approximately $22,000 in agent’s fees... saved us approximately $22,000 in agent’s fees and we consider that a very significant sum considering we only put in about 40 hours of work that would otherwise have been done by an agent. That’s about $550 per hour that we were effectively ‘paid’ for doing it ourselves through BuyMyPlace, so well worth it. The package was easy enough to use and help was available when needed, so we would happily recommend the service to others. (August, 2015)
- Guy West
Great service and information!
Great service and information. Easy and straight forward way to sell your property and save on agent fees. (July, 2015)
- Janine Yaffe
I found this process fantastic.
I found this process fantastic. My property was easy to list and update. rnPotential purchasers all saw my property on and sent me an email for inspection request. The rest was done via phone. (August, 2015)rn
- Jo Marslen
Too easy.
First couple who came through made an offer on the day in the house before they left! (July, 2015)
- Monique & David Perkins
Many buyers preferred to speak directly with me instead of an agent.
Very easy to sell this way as long as you have time to set up the listing, take photos etc. So many people preferred to speak directly with me instead of an agent. (August, 2015)rn rn
- Bart Doedens