What our customers say

Loved using!
Loved using Very helpful staff and easy processes. (February, 2016)
- Sarah Salter
Minimal hours for maximum result!
Very happy with the result – we were lucky to find the right people to suit our house quickly. (February, 2016)
- Julie Ingles
Saved us thousands!
Fantastic idea to sell privately. Saved us thousands!! (February, 2016)
- Tamara Greig
I believe anyone can do it.
Selling my property through was simple. The key for me was finding those individuals who would fall in love with the property. I believe anyone can do it. Anyone who looks for a property these days generally use or, which BMP provides access to. What else do you need? (January, 2016)
- M & J Blake
A fantastic alternative for people wishing to sell their own homes.
A fantastic alternative for people wishing to sell their own homes.rnVery cheap, the vendor is in complete control of all inquiry and I obtained tens of thousands of dollars in excess of what some of the local agents quoted what they said the property was worth.rnThe internet inquiry was constant. (February, 2016)rn
- Nevil Brewer
We sold!!!
Easy to sell privately when you know you have good advice. (January, 2016)
- Maggie Ward
Very helpful and effective process.
BMP was helpful throughout the process, I have already recommended BMP to at least 3 other potential sellers. (January 2016)
- Gregg & gemma Campbell
The commission saved was fantastic...
I would use Buy My Place again next time as the commission saved was fantastic and selling our own house & having direct contact with Buyers was very important. The sign out the front and listings on the prominent Real Estate websites make it a simple choice. (December, 2015)
- Christian Jemison
Fastest sale we have ever experienced!
It was sold the day it appeared on the internet. It was the fastest sale we have ever experienced. The buyer looked at the house the day you listed it on and loved it! (December, 2015)rn
- Warren & Mim Whittaker
Saved us thousands of dollars...
We found Buy My Place easy to use and deal with, and received good interest at our Open Days from the internet advertising. The entire process has run quite smoothly, saved us thousands of dollars and was very satisfying knowing that we sold it ourselves!!rnThank you. (December, 2015)rn
- Luke Biram
Perfect option for us and was value for money.
It was great not to have to use an agent and sell our property ourselves, particularly due to the fees that we would have incurred. As our property was vacant land, we didn't feel as though an agent would have necessarily provided any value add - selling through Buy My Place was the perfect option for us and was value for money with assistance provided when we needed it. (January, 2016)
- Amy Kitselaar
Loved using buyMyplace!
Loved using Very helpful staff and easy processes! (January, 2016)
- Tomas Kordos
Saved thousands and spent only 2 hours selling my own property!
Buy my place makes it so easy to sell your own home, saved thousands and would recommend to anyone. Thank you. (January, 2016)
- Michael Meany
Saved over $7,000!
Selling our property was easy because of the booming market and the quality of our property. We saved over $7,000 in costs by selling ourselves. It’s a very easy thing to do so give it a try. :-) (January, 2016)
- Gregory Olsen
So easy!
Would definately use buymyplace again! (January, 2016)
- Ricky Ahrens
Fantastic way to sell our property!
Using was a fantastic way to sell our property. We received efficient responses and support during the setting up and sale period. I highly recommend this method of sale! (December, 2015)rn
- Shelley Macleod
Sold in 5 days!
We would recommend this process to anyone. Everything went smoothly and we sold our house in 5 days. Thanks Buymyplace! (January, 2016)
- Deborah Bird
Extremely happy.
Thanks for all your help, it's heaven not to have lost commission to an agent. (January, 2016)
- Rob Plant
More people should do it this way...
Not as complicated as I anticipated. More people should do it this way. (December, 2015)
- Martha Bhaskaran
Sold within a day!
I previously had my property on the market with a real-estate company for 2 years my son convinced me to sell it privately.rnFrom the time I listed it on buy my place to settlement was only 3 months. (January, 2016)rn
- Kim Medbury
I have now used BUYMYPLACE 4 times and have had great success!
Thanks to fast and professional service from BUY MY PLACE, I successfully sold our family home. I have now used BUY MY PLACE 4 times and have had great success. I will be back in years to come. PAUL (December, 2015)
- Paul Fotinos
Will use "buymyplace....." again.rnSaved heaps and didn't take long to sell compared to other houses in same area with similar pricing. rnHad heaps of enquires before, during and even after it was sold. rnOther houses in same area with similar pricing have not sold with other real estate agent/s.rnIt wasn't any more hassle than dealing with real estate agents. If anything, it was easier.rnMore control over advertising and price changes which suited me more with market changes. (December, 2015)rn
- Neil M
Good value for money!
I found your site great has everything you would need delivers what it promises rnI would highly recommend your site it is good value for money (December 2015)rn
- Bill Cane
I probably saved $12,000
If your property is priced to sell, I think this is a great way to go. You can concentrate on your own property and give the best advice possible to the client. I probably saved $12,000rnThank you (December, 2015)rn
- Annette Brauer
Saved me big bucks!
It was an easy tool and platform to use. Most important saved me big bucks not having to pay Agency fees. (December, 2015)
- Joe Lim
I have, and will recommend buyMyplace to others...
We were really happy with the results we achieved without paying a huge commission at the conclusion of the sale. The buymyplace team gave us simple yet effective advise that was integral to the sale of the property. I have, and will recommend buymyplace to others and would gladly use them again. (January, 2016)
- Timothy Kable
The Board was the winning factor in the end...
Selling our block of land was a quick and easy process with Buy My Place. Any questions we had were quickly answered. Internet listing gave us exposure however the board was the winning factor in the end. Thank you Buy My Place we saved thousands doing it ourselves. (December, 2015)
- Mario Balas
I will definitely use Buy My Place again...
To date I have sold all three my previous homes privately, of which this one was the first one in Australia. Buy My Place has made it so easy with their step by step guidance and great advice. I will continue to sell all my future properties privately and will definitely use Buy My Place again. I will highly recommend Buy My Place to everyone who considers selling privately. (December, 2015)
- Peet van Buren-Schele
Brilliant. Highly recommended. (December, 2015)
- Elizabeth Meagher
Saved us over $15,000 in agents commission!
If you are looking to sell, we would highly recommend giving BuyMyPlace a go! rnAfter just 2 weeks on the market we accepted an offer on our property above the asking price!rnOur listing with BuyMyPlace only cost $650 and has saved us over $15,000 in agents commission!!! rnThank You BuyMyPlace! (November, 2015)rn
- Tom Taleen
It saves a lot of money...
It is certainly a great way to sell your property if you are not in a hurry to sell, as it saves a lot of money. (November, 2015)
- Holly Wei
I saved around $10,000
I saved around $10,000 using Buy My Place and will definitely be using Buy My Place to sell my next property. The settlement process was very straight forward with plenty of information on the internet on how to sell your self. (November, 2015)
- Digby Veling
Extremely pleased!
Extremely pleased with the process and the result. I would recommend it to anyone who has done their homework and is confident in handling the sale themselves. (November, 2015)
- Keith & Beverley Shortland
I am glad I didn't have to hand my hard earned money over to an agent...
The service offered is good value. I'm glad I didn't have to hand my hard earned money over to an agent who does practically nothing. The buyer I ended up with didn't even inspect the property. (November, 2015)
- Wayne Watson
Little to loose, lots to gain!
Selling privately has been no more stressful than selling through an agent, and the money saved has made it well worth it. I had quite a few potential buyers comment on how much they preferred dealing with me directly than with an agent. The whole process seemed more open and honest to both parties. I would definitely recommend giving private sale a try: little to loose, lots to gain. (November, 2015)
- Hubert Hiemstra
We had no hesitation doing this in Australia...
We used this system once before in the UK and found it simple, effective and it saved us a large agents fee! We had no hesitation in doing the same in Australia with our first house sale. BuyMyPlace is an excellent company to use for this process and we highly recommend them. All our neighbours have said they intend to use this method when the time comes for them to sell. Most prospective buyers liked being shown our home by us rather than dealing with an agent who could never be as informative as the owner. Well done to BMP for helping to dispel the myth in Australia that we must have an agent and pay them exorbitant fees!rnMany ThanksrnDoug & Julie (November, 2015)rn
- Doug & Julie Cowan
I found it very easy...
I would recommend to anyone to have a go at selling their own place as I found it very easy. (November, 2015)
- Cynthia Amor
Stay in control!
The process was very protracted due to the poor state of the market. The first three months were with an agent and we were constantly at his beck and call for inspections(4) at a drop of a hat although we were promised there would be no rush inspections. There was continual pressure from him to drop the price almost from day one even though he set the price as being absolutely right for the market. No offers were received.rnrnWe persevered til the contract expired and went with BMP.rnrnThe market was still poor but we felt that we were somewhat in control of the process and felt relaxed about organising inspections, dealing with potential buyers and finally negotiating an outcome.rnrnI feel having gone through a fairly protracted time selling in a dead market, an agent may have obtained a quicker result but at a price on our sanity and feeling of worth that would be too high and maybe not at a better price. The value of being in control cannot be over stressed. (November, 2015)rn
- Tony Drohan
I am absolutely confident a real estate agent would hot have got the price we did...
If there was any doubt of selling yourself, that was quickly gone as soon as I started the process, the ease and guidance from BMP made it easy. I am absolutely confident a real estate agent would not have got the price we did…and on top didn’t have any commission. (December, 2015)
- Garry Wright
buyMyplace was terrific!
buyMyplace was terrific. easy enough to use. penetrates the market due to good sign and websites. support was timely accurate and on the money. next will do the same. (November, 2015)rn rn
- David Tennahill