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I am a retired single lady and I didnt have any problems selling my own home...
I found the staff at BuyMyPlace very helpful...with my site and any queries that I had.rnI am a retired single lady and didn't have any problems selling my own home. rnNot only did I save on commission by not having a Estate Agent, the sale price was more rnthan what they said they would sell it doubt they would get a quick sale...well rnI did anyway!rn rnThanks again. (February, 2014)rn
- Christine Weaver
Thanks a million :)
To start with I was a little bit nervous, however, I found the staff at buyMyplace very supportive and they responded to querries to quickly. It's a very cost effective way to sell your property. I will be highly recommending the service of buyMyplace to future/porential home sellers. Thanks a million! :) (January, 2014)
- Sandee Applebee
Great website with all the necessary help to sell privately.
Great website with all the necessary help to sell privately.rnNo Strings attached , bit of running around but pays in the end with no Agents selling fees . (January, 2014)
- Rishi Deo
This was a win for both us and the purchaser...
When we had an agent give us a market appraisal we knew it was worth more than the figure they gave. The agent didn’t seem to take into account the look and feel of the property and tended to focus on the fact that it only had 3 bedrooms (despite the fact that it also had a media room).rnWe knew it wasn’t the kind of property that would appeal to an investor - ie. we felt a homeowner would be more likely attracted to it given the architectural design and condition of the property.rnWe listed the property for what we thought it was worth and most people who came through commented that it was priced right. We got the price we wanted ($410,000) and we would have had to sell the property at $425,000 with an agent to achieve the same outcome (after commissions)….so we feel this was a win for both us and the purchaser…we got what we wanted and the buyer got it for a cheaper price. We also saved the $3000 - $5000 the agents want you to spend on advertising the property in the local newspaper and we proved that the key to selling a property is being able to get on (not advertising in newspapers). We found "" very easy to deal with and appreciated their flexibility when it came to me wanting to do up my own sign board.rnThanks again to Stephanie and all the team at….we will definitely use you again next time we come to sell. (January, 2014)rn
- Charmaine Howe
This is the second time we have successfully sold through Buy My Place...
This is the second time we have used Buy My Place to sell a property. The staff at Buy My Place wre always helpful and their structures made the process easy. Each time we have found the process much more honest, efficient, successful and cost effective. (February, 2014)
- Rhondda Anthony
Services provided were fast and efficient...
Process was very easy. Services provided by BMP were fast and efficient.rnInternet portal was easy to navigate. (February, 2014)
- Darren Mcleod
Easy, Easy, Easy!
The service worked very well. Sold my house in 3 days.rnEverything was easy, easy, easy! (February, 2013)
- Suzana Barbir
Very easy to do!
Very easy to do. Saved heaps of money on agent fees. Didn't expect the property to sell in the first weekend. (February, 2014)
- Rechelle Moulton
I had a great experience,
I had a great experience, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. It may have taken a bit longer than what i would have liked but being in a small town there is a lot less people looking. I would definetly do it again. (December, 2013)
- Jo Mckenzie
Selling your own property is easier than you might think!
Selling your own property is easier than you might think! It the end it is much easier than going through Real Estate Agents and you save yourself thousands! (February, 2014)
- Kristin Zollner
Saved around $8,000 in commissions...
We definitely recommend selling privately and estimated we propbably saved around $8,000 in commissions. We did experience a few hiccups initially getting all the legal documents in order, but that comes with the territory and not a reflection of found the list process quite simple and sold our unit by the third week of it appearing online. (April, 2013)
- Marina Gobbi
Sold in less than 2 weeks!
I would recommend anyone to give it a try. We sold the property in less than 2 weeks and saved ourselves almost $10,000 in commission fees! (February, 2014)
- Daniel & Catriona Daly
Very straight forward...
The 'for sale by owner' process was very straight forward, user friendly and the communication from the Buy My Place team guided each step in a friendly helpful manner. (February, 2014)
- Markus Trezise
Would recommend this service highly.
Very easy to sell on your own and avoid dealing with agents. Would recommend this service highly. (January 2014)
- Anita Ribic
Quick & simple
Quick & simple way to sell your pwn property, I will use your service in the future, and will recommend you to others. All the best! (November 2013)
- Igor Bjeljac
Overall a good experience...
The photoshoot produced great photos, The billboard was very effective and a good amount of interest was generated via the buyMyplace website. generated more interest, but that would be expected. Overall a good experience and the staff were helpful. Would recommend to others. (February, 2014)
- Andrew Ibold
No agents commission at settlement!
For our situation selling a vacant block of land, the process suited us very well and we particularly liked the aspect of negotiating direct with the purchaser, not to mention not having to pay agent's commission at settlement! (February, 2014)
- Grant Weber
Thanks a million!
It was easy from start to finish, would recommend anyone to at least give it a go. Sold my house in 24 hours! Make sure you get a professional photographer to take pictures and attention to details was the advice given to me by your exceptional team. Thanks a million! (February, 2014)
- Belinda French
It's a great service
It's a great service, I recieved many inquiries and the phone support was good. Thanks BMP (February, 2014)
- Daniel Di Julio
I loved being able to sell my first home with Buy My Place!
I loved being able to sell my first home with Buy My Place. It was a straight forward experience. The images taken by the professional photographer really made the place shine. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to everyone selling their property. I had no experience and sold the property with a fantastic outcome. Save yourself some money and become a DIY real estate seller via - you've got nothing to lose and more money to gain. As my father-in-law says "better a dollar saved than a dollar spent" - why would you pay someone else to do this when it is so easy to give it try yourself? I managed to sell the property while still working, a weekend project that has paid back handsomely.
- Sue Lee Lim
Just excellent!
We found buyMyplace excellent. Email and phone enquiries were all handled in a respectful and timely manner. The process was simple to follow and the services are very good. We have already recommended buyMyplace to others and will continue to do so.
- Sharon Morgan
I'm not very good at using computers yet I managed to go through the process of selling my home smoothly, the service by the staff was great. I am so proud of having done it without an agent all by myself! (pat on the back)rnThe fact that my home had a buyer 2 weeks after being advertised with my photos, details etc...speak for itself.rnAlso not having to pay an agent's fees allowed me to put a fair price for it so it is win/win, buyer/seller.rnThank you buyMyplace!!! Carmen (November, 2013)
- Carmen Bryant
Brilliant. BMP advice and support was always timely and useful. Once listed on, things really moved quickly with a good response of interest and several genuine offers. This is a property with development potential and was quickly recognised as such by overseas investors. I would use the BMP service again.
- Len Horne
Thanks guys!
I listed my property with after my experience with a well-known real estate agent was very unsatisfactory. I found the process very easy and recieved fantastic assistance whenever I needed it. I sold my property very quickly at a great price, with minumum fuss and best of all NO COMMISSIONS!! I highly recommend to all my family and friends and should I sell another property, my first stop will be Thanks Guys. rn(November, 2013)
- Angela Jones
The system works well...
The system works well. You can open your home for as long as you want and not just the 45 minutes the agent give you. (November, 2013)
- John Tapping
Definitely worth the money saved from estate agent fees!
Hard to get people to the open house inspections as we live off the beaten track but definitely worth the money saved from Estate Agent fees and would do it again by ourselves. BMP were very helpful and gave good advice where needed. All the advice is there to DIY at your fingertips. The 'New Look'web site is excellent and easy to use. (November, 2013)
- Angela Eaton
Thank you for a wonderful service!
I found the process of selling my own property through buyMyplace to be easy and enjoyable. Having control over the advertising and marketing of my property really allowed me to control how my property was presented to the market. I enjoyed interacting with prospective buyers (for the most part!), and would definitely use the service to sell other properties in the future. Thank you fora wonderful service! (November, 2013)
- Emma Manchin
Just too easy...
The relationship I was able to form with the buyer was one of the best parts about this process. Both of us remained in touchrnconstantly throughout the negotiation process, and I felt good being in control and knowing what was going on from both parties.rnNo one knows the property better than us, so why would we let anyone else sell it? (October, 2013)
- Christine Osborne
Service and information provided by “buyMyPlace” has been very satisfactory...
Service and information provided by “buyMyPlace” has been very satisfactory.rnSaved 1000’s on agents fee, so it was great value for money. rnWill use “buyMyPlace” again, and recommend to friends. (August, 2013)rn
- Paul Andriessen
We saved $10,000 on agent fees...
buyMyplace was very easy to deal with and answered any questions we had. We saved $10,000 on agent fees!
- Donna Riekie
We couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Given the current sellers market in WA we felt the fees real estate agents wanted for selling our home were far too steep, so we listed on byMyplace, with the extra benefit of a listing and the phone calls flooded in.rnrnOur home sold on our first weekend of private viewings. rnrnWe couldn't be happier with the outcome. (January, 2013)
- Marnie Dawsett
We appreciate every ones help!
I found the process of Selling our property, with the help of your Company, to be hassle free and straight forward.We appreciate every ones help for a successful conclusion. (November, 2013)
- Christine & Bill Brennan
Cost effective method of selling your home yourself.
Using this service was efficient, easy, and handled all the tricky paperwork. The only thing that I would say was missing, was a more detailed information on how to complete the paperwork as the ‘agent’ as well as the seller. Otherwise a great service! Cost effective method of selling your home yourself. (November, 2013)
- Linda Marle
Great Service & Professional!
I was very happy with the buyMyPlace service. Emails were answered immediately. The photos were very professional.
- Wynn Vale
We got a great result!
I found BMP very helpful and would highly reccomend BMP for anyone wishing to sell their own property.
- Jon Beck
So easy!
Very happy that a 3rd party didn't need to be involved in the process and the staff at buyMyplace were of great assistance at all times. Thank you! (October, 2013)
- Leanne Hickmott
Professional and efficient...
The services offered by buyMyplace were professional and efficient. We are happy with the end result and am pleased with the whole process. (Sept, 2013)
- Scott & Leanne Thomson
Selling myself gave me the advantage...
The service at buy my place was very good and gave great advice. I felt that selling the property gave you an advantage because you know the property better than a real estate agent. When the deal was made, I just handed it over to the solicitor and they did the rest. No problems! I cincerly would go with buyMyplace again. Thanks a lot!
- Aileen Rugari
Super quick and very very easy...
The whole process was easier than I thought and the staff at Buy My Place were very quick and helpful with any questions I had. Will definitely use this company again when selling my house. (August, 2013)
- Adam Burridge