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2018-03-15Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement
2018-02-28Half Year Results
2018-02-28Appendix 4D Half Year Report
2018-02-21Release of Securities from Escrow
2018-01-31Quarterly Report – December 2017
2017-12-19New Issue Announcement and Appendix 3
2017-12-08Cleansing Statement and Appendix 3B
2017-11-24Results of Annual General Meeting
2017-11-24AGM Chairman’s Address 2017
2017-11-21Appointment of CEO, Placement and Finance Facility
2017-11-14Change of Annual General Meeting Location
2017-09-18Flexigroup Announcement Limited-Annual Report – 30 June 2017
2017-08-08Appendix 3B – New Issue Announcement
2017-08-01Completion of Acquisition
2017-07-31Quarterly Activities Report
2017-07-28Appendix 3B – New Issue Announcement
2017-07-20Acquistion of MyPlace Conveyancing (MPC)
2017-06-30Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
2017-05-30Resignation of Director
2017-05-18Media Release – BMP reaches 4000 sold properties
2017-03-31Company Research Report
2017-02-28Appendix 3B- New Issue Announcement
2017-02-27Media Release – BMP Experiences Growth Surge
2017-02-27Appendix 4D – Half Year Accounts
2017-02-10Release of Shares from Escrow
2017-01-31buyMyplace Announces Full Service
2017-01-23Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 4C
2017-01-13Appendix 3B – New Issue Announcement
2016-12-22Change in substantial holding
2016-12-22Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2016-12-22BMP Successfully Completes Rights Issue – Raises $3 Million
2016-12-19Rights Issue Results and Shortfall Notification
2016-12-06Despatch of Entitlement Issue Offer Documents
2016-12-01Letter to Ineligible Shareholders – Entitlement Offer
2016-12-01Letter to Shareholders – Entitlement Offer
2016-11-30BMP Media Release – Capital Raising
2016-11-30Notice under Section 708AA(2)(F) – Entitlement Offer
2016-11-30Results of Annual General Meeting
2016-11-30Appendix 3B – Entitlement Offer
2016-11-30Business and Funding Update – Investor Presentation
2016-11-30Results of Annual General Meeting
2016-11-30Underwritten Non-Renounceable Entitlement Offer
2016-11-252016 AGM Presentation
2016-11-04Change of company secretary
2016-10-25buyMyplace Integrates new service offering
2016-10-24Investor Update
2016-10-24Appendix 4c – quarterly
2016-10-24Quarterly Activities Report
2016-10-24Updated Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2016
2016-09-27Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2016
2016-09-27Preliminary Final Reports
2016-08-11Appendix 3B
2016-07-29Appendix 4C – quarterly
2016-07-25buyMyplace Achieves Record Quarter
2016-07-14Expands into mortgages, finance & utility connection service
2016-04-28Change of registered office
2016-04-28Activities Report and Appendix 4C
2016-04-01Initial Director’s Interest Notice
2016-04-01Director Appointment
2016-03-30Change of Registered Office
2016-03-16Becoming a substantial holder
2016-03-15Strong momentum prior to ASX listing
2016-03-15Investor presentation
2016-03-11Audited Accounts for buyMyHome Pty Ltd FY 2015
2016-03-11Audited Accounts for buyMyHome Pty Ltd FY 2014
2016-03-11Audited Accounts for buyMyHome Pty Ltd FY 2013
2016-03-11Statement of Voluntary Escrow
2016-03-11Statement of ASX Restricted Securities
2016-03-11Performance Rights Plan
2016-03-11Full Terms and Conditions of Employee Options Scheme
2016-03-11Full Terms and Conditions of Employee Options
2016-03-11Updated Pro-forma Statement of Financial Position
2016-03-11Updated Statement of Commitments
2016-03-11Securities Trading Policy
2016-03-11Corporate Governance Statement
2016-03-11Company’s statement of confirmations
2016-03-11Information Form and Checklist
2016-03-11Appendix 1A
2016-03-11Capital Structure
2016-03-11Top 20 Holders
2016-03-03Appendix 3Y x 2
2016-03-03Appendix 3X x 2
2016-03-03Appendix 3Z x 2
2016-03-03Appendix 3B
2016-03-03Settlement of Acquisition and New Directors
2016-02-29Closing of offer
2016-02-23Half Year Accounts Ltd Second Supplementary Prospectus
2016-01-29Quarterly Cashflow Report
2016-01-29Quarterly Activities Report Ltd Supplementary Prospectus
2016-01-11Unlisted options expired
2015-12-24Waiver from ASX Listing Rule 14.7 granted Ltd Prospectus
2015-12-10Completion of share consolidation
2015-12-07Expiry and lapse of unquoted securities
2015-11-30Results of Meeting
2015-11-30Chairman’s Address to Shareholders
2015-11-30Trading Halt
2015-11-26Change in substantial holding
2015-11-23Change in substantial holding
2015-11-20Ceasing to be a substantial holder
2015-11-20Change in substantial holding
2015-11-20Cancellation of shares – ASIC Form 484
2015-11-20Change of Director’s Interest Notice x2
2015-11-19Final share buy-back notice – Appendix 3F
2015-11-11Results of Meeting
2015-11-11Chairman’s Address to Shareholders
2015-10-30Addendum to Notice of Meeting for 11 November 2015
2015-10-30Quarterly Cashflow Report
2015-10-30Quarterly Activities Report
2015-10-27Consolidation/Split – KRA
2015-10-27Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
2015-10-12Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
2015-09-28Information provided under LR7.1A.4(b)
2015-09-25Appendix 4G Corporate Governance Statement
2015-09-25Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2015
2015-09-18Appointment of CEO of
2015-09-18Placement cleansing notice
2015-09-14Becoming a substantial holder
2015-09-09Killara to acquire
2015-09-09Change in substantial holding
2015-09-08Change in substantial holding
2015-09-07Change in substantial holding
2015-09-07Trading Halt
2015-08-28Appendix 3B
2015-07-27Quarterly Cashflow Report
2015-07-27Quarterly Activities Report
2015-07-23Unlisted options expired
2015-07-14Sale agreement and Appendix 3C Share buy-back
2015-05-15Change of registry address
2015-04-24Quarterly Cashflow Report
2015-04-24Quarterly Activities Report
2015-03-11Half Year Accounts
2015-01-28Quarterly Cashflow Report
2015-01-28Quarterly Activities Report
2015-01-02Unlisted options expired
2014-11-27Results of Meeting
2014-11-27AGM Chairman’s Address
2014-10-17Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
2014-10-17Quarterly Cashflow Report
2014-10-17Quarterly Activities Report
2014-09-30Additional information in relation to placement
2014-09-25Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2014
2014-09-23Appendix 3B
2014-08-27June 2014 Quarterly Activities Report Clarification
2014-08-07Forfeiture of unlisted performance share rights
2014-07-31Quarterly Cashflow Report
2014-07-31Quarterly Activities Report
2014-07-14Forfeiture of unlisted performance share rights
2014-06-19Corporate Update
2014-05-01Unlisted options expired
2014-05-01Investor Presentation Killara Resources Ltd May 2014
2014-04-29Appendix 5B Mining exploration entity quarterly report
2014-04-29March Quarter 2014 Operational Activities Report
2014-04-28Maiden coal sale to Glencore International AG
2014-04-02Change in substantial holding
2014-04-02Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2014-03-27Coal production update
2014-03-11Half Yearly Accounts 31 December 2013
2014-03-04Update on BEH Coal Production Permit Extension
2014-01-29Quarterly Cashflow Report
2014-01-29Quarterly Activities Report
2014-01-02Unlisted options expired
2013-12-27Killara Engages Mining Contractor To Commence Production
2013-12-02Appendix 3B Issue of Performance Share Rights
2013-12-02Off-taker Update
2013-11-28Executive Director
2013-11-27Final Director’s Interest Notice x2
2013-11-27Results of Meeting
2013-11-27Incoming Chairman’s Address
2013-11-27MD Presentation
2013-11-27Chairman’s Address to Shareholders
2013-11-25Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-11-22Off-Take Arrangement Update
2013-11-06Mining Services and Co-Operation Agreement
2013-11-06Additional information about Performance Share Rights
2013-10-31Appendic 3B – corrected total quoted shares
2013-10-30Appendix 3B Issue of Performance share rights
2013-10-30Killara enters into Coal Sale agreement with Off-Taker
2013-10-29Annual Report to shareholders
2013-10-29Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
2013-10-28Trading Halt
2013-10-24Quarterly Cashflow Report
2013-10-24Quarterly Activities Report
2013-10-24Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-10-02Unlisted options expired and lapsed
2013-09-30Change of share registry
2013-09-26Annual Report to shareholders
2013-09-12Appendix 3B – corrected total shares
2013-09-11Appendix 3B Private placement
2013-09-03Operational update
2013-07-29Quarterly Cashflow Report
2013-07-29Quarterly Activities Report
2013-07-16Investor Presentation Killara Resources Limited July 2013
2013-07-04Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-06-24Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-06-18Appointment of Managing Director
2013-06-17Change in substantial holding
2013-06-13Change in substantial holding x 2
2013-06-12Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-06-03Rights issue Update
2013-05-30Change in substantial holding
2013-05-28Notice of change of interests of substantial holder x 2
2013-05-28Change of Director’s Interest Notice x 4
2013-05-27Killara completes transaction to become coal producer
2013-05-24Trading Halt
2013-05-23Initial Director’s Interest Notice
2013-05-23Appointment of New Director
2013-05-20Rights issue – notification of participation and shortfall
2013-05-16Rights issue – no change to exercise price of options
2013-05-09Acquires 80% interest in producing Indonesian coal miner
2013-05-07Trading Halt
2013-04-19Quarterly Cashflow Report
2013-04-19Quarterly Activities Report
2013-04-15Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-04-11Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-04-11Rights issue – Letter to ineligible foreign shareholders
2013-04-11Rights issue – Dispatch of Offer Materials
2013-04-10Change of Director’s Interest Notice
2013-04-02Change of Director’s Interest Notice x2
2013-03-26Rights issue – Letter to Shareholders
2013-03-26RIghts issue – Letters to option holders (x2)
2013-03-25Rights Issue Appendix 3B
2013-03-25Rights Issue Offer Statement
2013-03-25Cleansing notice
2013-03-25Non-Renounceable Rights Issue
2013-03-12Change in substantial holding
2013-03-07Change in substantial holding
2013-03-06Half Year Accounts
2013-03-044,000,000 Unlisted performance shares expire
2013-02-19Projects update
2013-02-19Stronger Indonesian Management
2013-01-25Quarterly Cashflow Report
2013-01-25Quarterly Activities Report
2013-01-23Greater focus on coal in Indonesia
2012-12-20Enters into MOU on Bengkulu coal project in Sumatra
2012-12-18Trading Halt
2012-12-06Chairman’s Address – Retraction of sentence
2012-12-04Killara Expands the Nunukan Coal Project in East Kalimantan
2012-12-03Change of registered office
2012-11-30Trading Halt request
2012-11-30Trading Halt
2012-11-30Becoming a substantial holder
2012-11-29Initial Director’s Interest Notice
2012-11-29New director and management appointment
2012-11-29Resignation of joint company secretary
2012-11-28Final Director’s Interest Notice
2012-11-28Results of Meeting
2012-11-28AGM Chairman’s Address to Shareholders
2012-11-27Private Placement Appendix 3B and Notice given under s708A
2012-11-15Appendix 3B – Issue of options
2012-11-08Executive Directors and New Staff Appointments
2012-11-07Private Placement Appendix 3B and Notice given under s708A
2012-10-31Annual Report to shareholders
2012-10-25Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
2012-10-25Quarterly Cashflow Report
2012-10-25Quarterly Activities Report
2012-10-24Change of Company Address
2012-10-18Trading Halt
2012-10-12Killara Enters into MOU to Acquire Nunakan Coal Project
2012-10-10Trading Halt
2012-10-09New Chairman
2012-10-09Final Director’s Interest Notice
2012-10-09Initial Director’s Interest Notice
2012-10-01Legal Claim
2012-10-01Board Restructure
2012-09-27Trading Halt Request
2012-09-27Trading Halt
2012-09-25Annual Report to shareholders
2012-07-30Quarterly Cashflow Report
2012-07-30Quarterly Activities Report
2012-04-30Quarterly Cashflow Report
2012-04-30Quarterly Activities Report
2012-03-09Half Yearly Report and Accounts
2012-03-06Appendix 3B – Release from escrow
2012-02-16Release from Voluntary Escrow
2012-01-31Quarterly Cashflow Report
2012-01-31Quarterly Activities Report
2012-01-18Killara to Acquire West Papua Coal Concessions
2011-12-19Director Appointment and Initial Director`s Interest Notice
2011-12-01Belu Exploration Update
2011-12-01Release From Escrow – Appendix 3B
2011-11-28Results of Meeting
2011-11-18Notice of Release From Escrow
2011-11-14Change of Director`s Interest Notice
2011-10-31Quarterly Cashflow Report
2011-10-27Quarterly Activities Report
2011-10-27Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
2011-10-26Appendix 3B
2011-09-20Qualification Statement
2011-09-01Annual Report to shareholders
2011-08-08PT Tavesco Killara Energi Shareholder Agreement Executed
2011-07-29Quarterly Cashflow Report
2011-07-29Quarterly Activities Report
2011-07-26Primary Manganese Targets Defined at Belu
2011-06-29Partner Secured to Establish Indonesian Coal Business
2011-06-27Request for Trading Halt
2011-06-27Trading Halt
2011-05-04Corporate Governance and Share Trading Policy Updates
2011-04-28Quarterly Cashflow Report
2011-04-28Quarterly Activities Report
2011-03-29Notice under S708A and Appendix 3B
2011-03-11Change of Company Name to Killara Resources
2011-03-10Becoming a substantial holder x 3
2011-03-08Ceasing to be a substantial holder
2011-03-07Appendix 3B
2011-03-04Initial Director`s Interest Notice – Correction
2011-03-04Belu Manganese Project Update
2011-03-02Settlement of Share Sale Agreement with Killara Resources
2011-03-02Change of Director`s Interest Notice
2011-03-02Final Director`s Interest Notice x 2
2011-03-02Director and Senior Management Appointments
2011-02-28Results of Meeting
2011-02-23Half Yearly Report and Accounts
2011-02-09Ceasing to be a substantial holder
2011-02-09Change in substantial holding
2011-02-07Appendix 3B
2011-01-31Quarterly Activities Report
2011-01-31Quarterly Cashflow Report
2011-01-31Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
2011-01-28ASX Listing Rule 7.3.2 Waiver Granted
2011-01-24Change of Director`s Interest Notice – Relodged
2011-01-20Change of Director`s Interest Notice x 2
2011-01-19Entitlements Acceptances and Shortfall
2011-01-11Killara Resources Acquisition Terms Amended
2010-12-31Securities Trading Policy
2010-12-30Appendix 3B and Notice under s708
2010-12-20Killara Expands the Belu Manganese Project
2010-12-17Entitlements Issue Prospectus Despatched to Shareholders
2010-12-08Notice to Shareholders
2010-12-08Entitlements Issue Prospectus
2010-12-06Appendix 3B
2010-12-06Entitlements Issue Timetable
2010-12-03To Acquire Interest in a High Grade Manganese Project
2010-12-01Appendix 3B
2010-12-01Trading Halt Request
2010-12-01Trading Halt
2010-11-26Results of Meeting
2010-11-15Release from Escrow
2010-10-29Quarterly Activities Report
2010-10-29Quarterly Cashflow Report
2010-10-25Annual Report Despatched to shareholders
2010-10-25Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
2010-09-17Annual Report to shareholders
2010-07-30Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report
2010-04-30Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report
2010-04-13Appendix 3B
2010-02-19Half Yearly Report and Accounts
2010-02-11Board Restructure / Joint Company Secretary Resignation
2010-01-28Quarterly Cashflow Report
2010-01-28Quarterly Activities Report
2009-12-09Becoming a substantial holder x 2
2009-12-04Initial Director`s Interest Notice x 4
2009-11-30Top 20 shareholders
2009-11-30Corporate Governance
2009-11-30Employee Share Option Plan
2009-11-30Financial Report for period 14 July 2008 to 30 June 2009
2009-11-30Appendix 1A – ASX Listing application and agreement
2009-11-30Pre-Quotation Disclosure
2009-11-27Admission to Official List
2009-10-09Prospectus – Winchester Resources Ltd
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