Australia’s leading online market for private real estate sales!

buyMyplace was formed in 2007, based on a highly-successful real estate concept used around the world – with 23% of homes sold privately in Canada, 9% in the USA, and 44% in France.

The idea was simple: To provide all Australians with the tools and information they need to sell their property online, removing the need for a real estate agent, and allowing the seller to keep 100% of the sale value.

When using buyMyplace, Vendors save $19,000 in real estate commissions and fees on the average home value of $605,000 in Australia and savings of $23,000 on the average home price in Sydney. Naturally the savings are directly proportionate to the sale price and could be higher or lower depending on the final sales price. In short Vendors save approximately 3% of the sales price which would have otherwise been paid to a traditional real estate agent.

Today, buyMyplace is Australia’s leading website dedicated to commission-free property sales. Our business has grown based on the success of our customers and our method for making the process quick and simple, no matter how much experience selling real estate our customers have.

Our team has decades of experience in the real estate market, and understands exactly what is required to appeal to the right buyers plus how to help our customers get the price they want. We offer a range of packages that all include a listing on, and other major Australian property portals. We also offer listings on international sites to attract overseas buyers and a range of additional products and services, such as professional photographers, auctioneers, negotiation support, signage brochures and unlimited phone and online support until sold.

Approximately 90% of properties are listed on line and 86% of buyers go online as their major tool to find their next property. Consequently, with almost all the properties advertised online and almost all the buyers searching online, the role of traditional agents has diminished and created the opportunity for significant disruption in the real estate industry, which buyMyplace is addressing.

Residential real estate is a growing market in Australia already worth around $6.2 trillion, making it three times larger than the next asset class, Superannuation, which is a significant market for potential investors.

buyMyplace listed on the ASX in March 2016 with the share price doubling within weeks in a climate where bricks and mortar real estate agents were losing ground on their share price. buyMyplace has attracted the attention of a number of financial commentators and media speaking positively about the company’s tech disruption of the very long-established and conventional Real Estate industry.

In 2014 we introduced rentMyplace, which was tailored to Australia’s unique rental market. It is an affordable solution for landlords wishing to find their own tenants and ensure more peace of mind when it comes to their investment.

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