Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces new restrictions on auctions and Open for Inspections

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced new restrictions on group gatherings during his live press conference on 24 March 2020. The announcement included a new restriction whereby gatherings for auctions and Open for Inspections can no longer continue in their current format.

On 29 March 2020, the Prime Minister announced tightened restrictions whereby indoor and outdoor gatherings cannot exceed two persons.

However, although group gatherings for auctions and Open for Inspections are now banned, inspections by private appointment are permitted to continue and, in fact, are the only way to conduct open for inspections until further notice.

What Does This Mean for Me?

If you need to sell your home, selling privately is the optimal method. Not only does selling privately help mitigate your risks, but it gives you ultimate control and flexibility over the process of selling your home.

When selling privately, you have the freedom to book appointments for private inspections immediately and according to your schedule – no need to coordinate with an agent, who is likely managing several 1:1 inspection times across multiple properties.  Not only can you focus 100% on selling your property, but you can also control who comes into your home by vetting buyers before they enter your space.

The Benefits of Selling Privately in Times of Uncertainty

There are countless benefits to selling your property privately. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, the private sale method works in your favour to mitigate the risks you may face during these uncertain times. If you need to sell your home, consider the ways in which selling privately gives you ultimate control and flexibility over your sale process.

When selling privately, 100% of your sale price is yours to keep

Your property is listed until SOLD

Postpone your listing at any time, no questions asked

Use a vetting process to control who comes into your space or host inspections digitally

Learn More About Selling Privately

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Digital inspections are a simple way to take buyers and renters on a digital tour of your property. The best part? It’s FREE. 

How does it work? Simply film yourself walking through the property while highlighting the key features of your property.  You don’t need a professional camera crew to make this work, your smartphone is perfectly capable of producing videos of excellent quality.

As the home-owner, you are best placed to describe your home to prospective buyers and renters, giving them the confidence they need to book a face-to-face inspection by appointment.

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