7 Ways to Sell Your Property Fast

Whether you’re financially committed to another place, stressed about a mortgage or relocating for work, it sometimes becomes necessary to market and sell your property fast.

Here are a few tips to help you meet your sales deadline and hopefully walk away with a price that suits you.

1. Set a realistic price

This is especially important where your property may be competing with a number of similar properties. If you are selling your own property, and saving on commissions, then you have an added option of reducing your price by the sum you would have paid a real estate agent, without missing out on profit for yourself.

2. Consider a 30-day Auction Campaign

This creates a sense of urgency among buyers, and if you have property in an area that has frequent auctions, you can be fairly certain you will have an outcome by month’s end.

3. Use a creative sales strategy

Aside from ensuring your property is featured on all the leading property portals, consider advertising it on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or even create your own blog about the property.

4. Dress for Success

We all know smart attire does wonders for your image in the workplace, and the same is true of dressing your home for sale. If your furniture is dated or your home cluttered, consider putting it into storage and dress your house stylishly. Some real estate professionals estimate that you can make $5 for every dollar spent on dressing your house.

5. Professional Photography

Spending a little extra to get professional photos with appropriate lighting is worth every cent. Your photos are the first thing buyers see when they are searching the web for a property.

6. Target your advertising

If your home is perfect for young families, make sure your advertising reflects family-friendly amenities such as schools and playgrounds. If it is better aimed towards investors or down-sizers, emphasise any low-maintenance aspects and proximity to transport routes.

7. Fix up any minor jobs

There’s nothing worse than viewing a property to see little things that should be fixed, like loose cupboard doors or overhanging branches. Fix all the little things around your home, so potential buyers feel like they just need to move in.