7 Creative Ways to Market Your Property

With all the technology we have and the unbridled creativity we see on social media and YouTube, it’s not too hard to find inspiration to try and sell your home in ways that stand out from the masses.

After all, your decision to sell your home privately already signals your willingness to break the mould – why not keep it going?

Here are some fabulously creative ways to market your property and make it shine.

1. Paying your friends for Facebook Shares

One Canadian family put some of the money they would have spent on an agent to good use. They advertised their home on Facebook and asked friends and family to share it.
If a share led to the sale of the house, the family promised to pay the person who shared it $1,000.

2. Creative videos on YouTube

Think about all the things that are great about your property and make a YouTube video. One real estate agent in the USA wanted to highlight all the features of a gorgeous family friendly Orange County (California) property and so filmed a group of children playing hide and seek, highlighting the space and possibilities to hide for kids.

The video showed them searching for places to hide, while underscoring property features, then picked up other features while filming the seek part of the game. You need to be a bit creative in your thinking, as this marketing technique requires social media shares to work.

3. Hilarious Copy in your print ad

These sorts of ads work best when your property may not be the best, may need renovating or is in a less than desirable neighbourhood. By being open and very funny, people are more likely to share your ad, and likely will realise that your property is an excellent buy at the price it is. Here’s a great example:

“Do you want a low-maintenance home in a relatively stabby-free neighborhood? Do you want to live within walking distance of 5 bars? In the event of a cardiac emergency wouldn’t it be nice to be only 3 blocks away from Lancaster General Hospital? Well, I have the home for you.
Casa Dobermino is on the market” the ad begins.

“Built in the 1940s by skilled artisans and stone masons, this property at 739 N Marshall St. could be the work of angels. Probably Hell’s Angels, but no matter. I bought this house in 2004 because I wanted to adopt a dog from the Humane League and my roommates at the time didn’t want a dog. So naturally, I walked out of my apartment and bought the house for sale by owner directly across the street.”

The rest of the ad can be found here: http://981thehawk.com/man-lists-house-for-sale-online-hilarity-ensues/

4. Creative photography

Think about exciting ways you can photograph your home to highlight its best features, whether that is an architectural style or fantastic location.

While most people steer clear of humans in property photography, it can work if done well. One couple made quite a splash when they re-styled their mid-century home to its original glory and photographed themselves in Mad Men style poses. Creative and stylish, and the people only enhanced the marketing.

Their real estate ad can be viewed here: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3597-Eaglerock-Dr-Atlanta-GA-30340/14570866_zpid/

5. Instagram, Pinterest

These social media platforms are perfect when you want to create a mood and invoke emotions and aspirations. They also give you scope to photograph beautiful detail shots such as the dew on the roses in your garden, or your shiny front door with gumboots artfully arranged outside.

6. Blog It

You could blog your real estate sales journey. This will require captivating writing skills and some lateral thinking, but we have seen exceptional examples where the blog has been written from the perspective of the house for sale, and it recounts fond memories that have happened within its walls.

7. Drones

Many real estate agents are employing drone footage to show the size of the property and for an aerial view on the home, but there’s no reason you can’t have a bit more fun with drones (and you can get a drone that captures video quite cheaply.) If you have a lot of trees in the garden, think about flying your drone among the branches or adding a music track that matches the vibe of your house.

When you are selling your own home, there’s no reason to be constrained by traditional selling techniques. Get creative and have some fun!